Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic technology has been one of the best applications of innovative technology in the craft of band instrument repair. The ultrasonic technology uses an eco-friendly solution to remove the harmful deposits that build up in your instrument.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. This action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses. The intention is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces. This technology is nothing short of amazing, and even after hand cleaning an instrument there is still a lot of gunk that the ultrasonic machine is able to remove from your instrument!

We make every effort to make our workplace an environmentally friendly workshop. We have removed the potentially harmful cleaning acids and replaced them with food grade citric acid and vinegar solutions. Used in conjunction with the Ultrasonic cleaning process, this process not only makes your instrument completely clean and smelling great, but safe for you or your loved ones to play.